Trends in Healthcare for Seniors

Healthcare is always changing, and there are great new options for seniors! Grace Lutheran Communities team members Randy Rennock and Dylan Faulkner presented a “Lunch and Learn” for seniors explaining healthcare trends in 2015 and we’re excited to be part of the new wave of change. The newest Grace Lutheran Communities rehab suites will be designed to meet the needs of a more tech-savvy generation of seniors.Slide08

  1. Technology plays a big role in how we deliver care and it how patients receive rehab care.


2. We know that our future clients will likely have smart phones, and we can use this technology for care. Smartphone options can also become part of calling for help, documentation and communication between patients and staff. We are also aware that charging stations and wifi are becoming part of resident needs.


3. Smart TVs mean television isn’t only for viewing any more. New healthcare incorporates internet access, video and media streaming, admission and discharge information and dining options through the TV screen.

Slide144. Resident-centered care is part of the new norm. We provide individualized care in a home-like environment. This is a change from previous caregiving trends. Rather than a hospital-like environment, new healthcare offers a comfortable stay that is more like home. Residents have more choices about food, activities, and care than ever before.

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